About Us

CrypticKits is a mystery shirt brand, launched in February 2023. We sell the best and most reliable shirts in the industry, bringing the surprise straight to your doorstep.

As someone who grew up in a football household, I have grown to love football, and from a young age I started to collect football memorabilia, from football cards, to football shirts, I had collected everything I could get my hands on, which is what inspired me to create CrypticKits. Football shirts are unique, there is something intangible about the way a good football shirt can make you feel. They are a lot more than tops with badges stitched onto them. They have value and form your sporting identity. Whether its the golden yellow of Brazil, the attractive amber from the Netherlands, or the trademark snow like white of Real Madrid, the beautiful game has seen its stars wear some iconic kits all over the years.

In the modern era, football shirts have become more fashionable than ever, have you got any holidays, festivals and or days out planned for this upcoming year, if so a football shirt is the perfect essential to bring with you, make sure you buy your CrypticKits today to get yourself set for this new year!

At CrypticKits we believe that we provide the best mystery football boxes in the market. Every shirt is carefully handpicked from our wide range of exciting football shirts. Every shirt is chosen to your demand, we make sure that we only select kits we would like to receive .

Unfortunately we have a strict no refunds and return policy, if you have any problems with your purchase please get in contact and we will do our best to solve the issue.

I hope you enjoy our website.

Thank you